Tips for a great headshot!

Starts with a great nights sleep! Please be sure to drink plenty of water the day before your session and get a full nights rest. Being well hydrated results in clearer skin and brighter eyes.

Make-up (women):  For actor headshots, make-up should be kept fairly minimal. For children, all that is required is chapstick. For teens, I recommend a matte translucent powder for the skin, a touch of blush, one swipe of mascara and chap stick. For young women in their 20's/30's, you can add a bit more to the eyes but keep the colors neutral and the lip color very light. For older women, I definitely recommend air brush make-up as it does not settle into fine lines or wrinkles. Hair for all women should be worn how it is worn daily. Remember, you want to look exactly like your headshot when you come walking into an audition!

No Make-up for Men please, although chapstick is a must. Please come with the facial hair that you wear on a daily basis (for instance, if you normally shave every day- don't come with a 5'oclock shadow).

Wardrobe: Solid  medium - dark colors are best! No logos, no pastels, no glitter or bling,no prints, no crazy details with a million weird pockets or straps. Keep it simple. A pair of jeans without holes will suffice for the bottoms. Shoes should be close-toed and in good shape.