I'm not your typical photographer mentor. I don't have 800,000 followers on Instagram. I don't participate in many photographer contests or forums. However, I DO make my living from my work as a professional photographer. Not only do I support myself but I support myself and three kids. I'm a very real and down to earth person who believe in honestly sharing knowledge where it's needed and giving pep-talks that ALL artists sometimes need!

I currently offer one-on-one mentorships at $400/hour where we can discuss anything you'd like! I'm available via skype or facetime or in-person (in the Round Rock,TX area). We can talk about anything you'd like from business, to the customer experience, how to establish pricing, editing, retouching etc. I can also help you to create a color preset and a black and white preset specifically for the way you shoot and how you'd like your images to look.

I also offer shadow sessions where I will arrange for a model couple or model family for you to shadow shoot with me. See how I find the light, direct my clients, interact with my couples etc. Shadow sessions start at $500.


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