The road trip collection is inspired by the open road (and a lil bit Thelma and Louise)

POSTCARD: Vintage film inspired with dusty highway vibes. This preset is easy to customize with an adjustment of temperature. Pull the contrast low and it's like wearing a super soft lived-in old t-shirt. Add some grain and you're good to go! One of my favorites for personal work.

WISH YOU WERE HERE: My go-to preset that I use for half of my work! Great for client work! Contrasty and great for summer nights. Adjust the temperature for that perfect summer skin!

WISH YOU WERE THERE: Same preset as Wish you were here with a slight adjustment for skin

SOUVENIR: One of my all time favorite presets! Depending on what light you're shooting in, this preset can look beachy peaches and cream or if you're shooting in golden hour, this preset enhances the romance of a setting sun. This is beautiful for brides!

ROUTE 66 b&w: Lots of contrast and a hint of warm split toning to capture all the emotions of meeting new friends and saying good-bye to old ones. This is a bombshell of a preset. Add grain and attitude.

GO WEST b&w: Lots of crushed highlights and matte black tones. The perfect way to preserve a memory!

GRAVEL ROAD: This preset is to add grain after you've applied your base preset. Grain is such a great way to give your image that vintage lived-in vibe.

HAZY LIGHT -for color images: This preset is also meant to run after you've applied your base color preset.

HAZY LIGHT (for b&w): Because black and white images need some dreamy sunny lovin' too!

*The presets are designed for Lightroom use only. You must have working knowledge of Lightroom to properly use and customize these presets. No refunds are given due to the nature of this digital product.

30.00 60.00

FOUR color lightroom presets

2 B&W lightroom presets

THREE helper presets ( grain and light radial filters)

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Northern Pine Lightroom Preset Mini Pack
10.00 15.00

Northern Pine (base preset)

Polaroid 1 (run after)

nostalgic tone (run after)


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1 base preset 

2 add-on (run after) presets