Who am I?

Micael Marie Monroe, soulful picture taker

Love: sunshine, genuine people, trying new food, going new places, music, creating macrame or other home decor related arts/crafts, my five kids and my dog, Banjo!


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My mission

As a photographer, I realize that you have many options out there. I realize that I may not be the photographer for you and that's cool with me! I would much rather you get the images you will cherish for years to come than pocketing your money and disappointing you. Please make yourself familiar with my work and my shooting/editing style before considering hiring me. I would LOVE to be the one you choose but it's ok if we're not a great fit. We can still be friends :)

 My Style

As a certified light chaser, I'm inspired by the rising and setting of the sun. My work is warm, both in temperature and in soul; I aim to capture the natural emotion of my clients. No forced smiles here!

My word

Whenever a client hires me for family photos or couples sessions, I am greatly honored and humbled. I realize I have a job to do; not just take great photos but photos that will accurately represent who you are, right now; who your family is, right now. You have my word that I do not take this lightly, I understand that these images we create together will likely be shared with your family for generations to come.