Casual Urban Motherhood Session | Go West Photography

I loved this urban super casual informal motherhood session. It's proof that you don't need a fancy mountain top to climb to, a beautiful blanket in a golden hour field or an elaborate studio set up to create something meaningful. Sometimes a simple walk to the gelato shop is exactly what it takes to get a 3 yr old and her mama some real, authentic images of what life is like; right here and right now.

Make memories. Create Joy. Eat Gelato!

Much gratitude to Gelateria Gemelli in Austin,TX for letting us capture a few sweet shots!



Austin brand and portrait photographer | Go west photography
Austin brand and portrait photographer | Go west photography

Georgetown Spring Family Session | Go West Photography

I love the casual nature of just shooting in a neighborhood. This session was just shot casually strolling in the neighborhoods surrounding the Georgetown Square where everyone seems to have a green thumb :)

Since Felix is almost two, we kept our session super loose and casual, stopping to play cars and smell the flowers!

Check out this mama's instagram for more awesome photos of their beautiful life! 


South Austin Documentary Family Session | Go West Photography

I absolutely loved working with this lil family. They were perfect for a documentary session mostly because they are a very hands-on family, very active, and of course super cute! Documentary sessions truly have my heart!


Ok, so let me just start by saying that this little boy is SO very handsome and definitely baby model worthy! Am I right? But his personality is oh so delish as well! I laid out the blanket and the first thing he did was run and land on it to cuddle... What a charmer! I can't wait to see these two again later this year to see how he's grown!

Austin In-Home Lifestyle and Newborn Session | Go West Photography

It's crazy how just two years can change so much! I swear, we were just doing this shoot with the Hood's oldest son...and here we are again with another cutie to photograph and love on! I always recommend an in-home session especially if you have a toddler ( or multiple toddlers) plus a newborn. Meltdowns are inevitable but they are also part of your life. I love shooting a more documentary style, it's so much more authentic and a real representation of your lives as a family. I'm so thankful for those who trust my vision, trust my years as a mother will lead you to love these raw, real moments of parenthood. 

IN-HOME COUPLES SESSION with A + J | Go West Photography | Round Rock Lifestyle Photographer

These two have been together for something like 14 years and have never one, no - not even once, had professional pictures done together! I don't know but I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that having in-home lifestyle photos done is probably the best way to break that 14 yr "no picture" thing! This couple are dog-mom and dog-dad to a brood of cute pups that just had to get in and steal the show for a few photos :)

P.s. After the session, I got to take home some of those pastries Ashley made and they were A-mazing!

Indie Portrait "Bardot" Inspired 90's mod styled session | Go West Photography

Even though I absolutely LOVE shooting with couples and families,  I've always been and always will be a portrait photographer! This girl happens to be the sister of a makeup artist that I've worked with a ton in the past. I've seen her photos on facebook and I always think of Bridget Bardot. So naturally that was my inspiration when we shot together but I styled her more with a mod/90's grudge edge. Of course I had to put her in a chartreuse/pumpkin sweater because it's fall ( even though it was 90 degrees when we shot this!). I LOVE shooting fall clothing, even if we never get fall in Texas!

Book an Indie Portrait session with me this fall/winter!  Better yet, gift someone you love with an indie portrait session! I help with styling and finding you an amazing hair/makeup artist! These sessions are great for seniors, artist or small business owners looking to do some self-promotions on social media or JUST FOR FUN! (yeah, that's a thing!)

Styled & Shot by me

Hat and sweater: Forever 21

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Halloween Maternity Session at Laguna Gloria | Go West Photography

If you look through my portfolio you'll probably see this kid and this family grow right before your very eyes. The Hoods are expecting another boy later this fall and this lil man is going to be a big brother!  Ashley wanted photos to commemorate her pregnancy but also some fresh family photos before the baby arrives. So we strolled around the beautiful grounds of Laguna Gloria in Austin,TX. I'm definitely going to have to go back for another session at some point! They also wanted a session that was "Halloween inspired but not too costumey" of course, animal head masks made their appearance at the end of the session :)

Stay tuned for the fresh 48 of their newest addition later this fall/winter!

Miss A | Austin lifestyle photographer | Go West Photography

This cool chica has been working pretty damn diligently on her fitness over the past year or so (obviously!) so we bikini'd it up and brought her pup Toki to Blue Hole Park in Georgetown for a fun September in the sun sesh. Note: September and October are the months with the MOST pretty evening/setting sun light. It's by far my favorite time of the year to shoot!

You can follow Ashley on her instagram! Drool over her awesome fitness photos AND her baking skills! 

Austin Hill country sunset couples session | Go West Photography

This was one of those sessions where my ability to be flexible and roll with the punches totally came in handy. Having lived in Dripping Springs a few years back, I knew of all these beautiful remote locations to shoot at but have NOT lived in Dripping Springs in the past few years I did not know that most everything has changed ( roads closed, "no parking" signs and rules about where you can/cannot shoot). Every place I planned to shoot at there was a figurative road block - literal at times too. So we had to improvise which I'm totally cool with as long as the couple is as carefree and cool as these two! They trusted me to figure my shit out and do my job...and followed me while wildly chasing the last bit of light until we found ourselves at a brewery in the country just as the hill country sunset came proudly shining through the trees!

Sessions like this teach myself that I can produce something beautiful no matter what the circumstances are. Honestly, all I need is pretty light and people in love. That's it! Oh, and my camera. That'd be good.

M & C McKinney Falls Couples Session | Go West Photography

When the threat of rain was in the forecast, I gave this couple a chance to reschedule. When they declined to reschedule and then told me that their first kiss was in the pouring rain, I have to admit, I was super excited to shoot these two! It's so awesome shooting with a couple who isn't stopping to check hair and makeup, but just living IN THE MOMENT! Creating real moments and real memories is my favorite! It gives me the opportunity to photograph their love, not just their clothing. I loved getting to hear their story of how they came to be ( the best stories always start with a challenge or I right?!) .

At the end of the day, M & C 's love story inspired me and it didn't surprise me that they chose to shoot in the rain...they are going to face all of life's challenges, all of life's rainstorms together. Nothing is more special than that! The world needs more of this!

M + R Austin Couples Session | Go West Photography

This gorgeous couple had such a sweet loving vibe that was hard not to find totally charming! They met up with me at McKinney Falls State Park for my summer of love mini session and we chased the prettiest light to capture some gorgeous images that I hope they'll print and frame to love forever!

S + D Hill Country Couples Session | Go West Photography

I like to get to know my couples during our sessions so I ask a lot of questions like how long they've been together, what did you think when you first saw him/her, and how'd you meet. When these two told me they met at a bank robbery, I have to admit, I secretly wanted one of them to have been the bank robber.. LOL...but alas, they are both police officers who responded to the same crime. Not Bonnie and Clyde but still so romantic. I love good stories like this! They invited me to their beautiful home in the Texas hill country for a mini session and I can see why it was basically love at first sight. These two burn for each other!

J + J Hill Country Elopement | Austin Elopement Photographer

This bride contacted me and said she wanted a bohemian/southwestern Austin vibe type of wedding, I'm immediately all over that! I knew it would be a small wedding/elopement which is what I love to shoot as well. Sometimes you don't need to spend a ton of money on an elaborate wedding; it's just enough to wear a beautiful dress, walk down the aisle and marry the love of your life!

Venue: Chapel Dulcinea

J + K Wedding | Round Rock Intimate Wedding Photographer

I'm finally getting around to blogging some highlights from this super fun wedding that took place in May at The Ranch House in Terravista ( Round Rock,TX). This couple ( who actually went to crossfit before their wedding!) has such a cute love story that they've both documented through saved text messages, fun pictures and sweet love letters. It's like they KNEW they would mean something one day. I love that!

Best Wishes to K and J for a long and happy life together!

J & J | McKinney Falls Couples Session | Go West Photography

I got the chance to spend a short evening with this amazing couple at McKinney Falls State Park in Austin. Judy and Jules have a beautiful lil daughter named Wilder Love ( cutest name, right?!) but tonight they opted to have some much needed couple time and spend part of their date night with me! While all parents love their children, it's important to remember that your relationship is always  a living breathing thing that needs to be maintained and cared for. I love my job and love creating beautiful images for couples to remember what started that fire! Not to mention that as kids age, they LOVE seeing photos of their parents together throughout the years. 

Much love to this lovely couple who just made the evening fun and totally not boring ;)

Hill Country Couples Session | Go West Photography

While the greater Austin area surely has it's own beauty, I'm certain that it can't possibly compare to the Hill Country off to the west about an hour. I come from the Rocky Mountains, I grew up taking the magnificent beauty of the mountains for granted. Being so young when I left, I yearned for city life but now I'm dreaming of when I can get back to my beautiful Wasatch mountains, even just for a visit. Getting out into the hill country is definitely helping me cope with my loss of such beautiful scenery. When we got to this shoot location, even though I'd been here before, I thought " Now THIS is Texas". The sunsets at Ink's Lake State Park are just glorious and seem to last much longer than when you're in town.

I was so happy when I found out that Lacey and Daniel were willing to go the extra mile ( literally) and shoot here! I don't think they even were sold on it until they got there. But they trusted me and I'm so glad they did!

About my couple: Lacey is a talented beautiful photographer ( yes, shooting other photographers is something I LOVE to do) and her long time boyfriend Daniel ( who is currently a student) moved to the Austin area a couple of years ago. They were so fun to shoot and just willing to try and do whatever to get a great set of images. Who else here thinks Lacey should just add "professional model" to her resume? Raise your hand!

Irena + Bobby = Felix

" For all the things my hands have held, the best by far is you"

Irena and Bobby are new parents to this absolutely adorable lil man, Felix. We met up on the shore of Lake Travis for a seriously sun drenched cuddle sesh. All the love shown in these photos was not an act, nothing forced. This is truly the love they share for each other. Totally authentic. In the moment. Enjoy.

Irena has a beautifully curated Instagram devoted to fashion and travel - follow her HERE!