Shannon + Nicholas

One of the biggest concerns I get from my in-home clients is where to shoot in the home, how to clean up and get photo ready. Here's a quick solution for you: Check into an air bnb for the night! First of all, many of them are decorated ADORABLY and modern!  Travelers Shannon and Nick were taking a break from their snowy New England winter to bask in the Texas sun. Shannon is a former Austin-ite who bar tends and runs her own vintage clothing store , MOD AND FANCY  and Nicholas is a touring musician in multiple bands.

Having a fun photo shoot while you're on vacation is kind of the perfect way to commemorate a time when you didn't have to wake up early to go to work, when you could drink wine out of a coffee cup at 10am, when you didn't have to clean up your messes and when you got to snuggle up with your sweetheart in a new city!