Wildhearted Words Branding Photography | Go West Photography

Judy Tsuei really is a woman of many talents. She's a writer, a motivator, a strategist, a yoga instructor, a mother, a wife and a friend to many! Her website www.wildheartedwords.com is a place for her to connect with female entrepreneurs who need help with strategies to grow their businesses. Her tag line is "Make your story beautiful". By this she's not just referring to your visual images but to your journey. I love that! I'm a part of her facebook group and I can honestly say that when her videos or facebook live videos are on, I'm all ears! I love her energy, her honesty, her enthusiasm and her willingness to be REAL about what challenges face women entrepreneurs.

Judy contacted me awhile back to create some visual social media content for her website as well as instagram/facebook. When I met her, she just had such a great energy and was just so flexible and chill. It was obvious that we were vibing each other so hard. We actually hung out for an hour or so after we were finished shooting.

Planning her shoot: Judy emailed me a mood/vision board prior to her session so I could really get a sense for her brand and her vibe. Having moved here from Hawaii, she gravitated toward a more beachy and zen type of feel ( which I LOVE!). She said she didn't want her photos to look like everyone elses ( which I absolutely adore!). We did a bit of shooting at Zilker Botanical Gardens to get those greens and tropical vibes, then headed to the rooftop of Whole Foods and finally to Butler Park to get that gorgeous Austin cityscape as her backdrop as the sun was setting.