M & C McKinney Falls Couples Session | Go West Photography

When the threat of rain was in the forecast, I gave this couple a chance to reschedule. When they declined to reschedule and then told me that their first kiss was in the pouring rain, I have to admit, I was super excited to shoot these two! It's so awesome shooting with a couple who isn't stopping to check hair and makeup, but just living IN THE MOMENT! Creating real moments and real memories is my favorite! It gives me the opportunity to photograph their love, not just their clothing. I loved getting to hear their story of how they came to be ( the best stories always start with a challenge or two...am I right?!) .

At the end of the day, M & C 's love story inspired me and it didn't surprise me that they chose to shoot in the rain...they are going to face all of life's challenges, all of life's rainstorms together. Nothing is more special than that! The world needs more of this!