Austin Hill country sunset couples session | Go West Photography

This was one of those sessions where my ability to be flexible and roll with the punches totally came in handy. Having lived in Dripping Springs a few years back, I knew of all these beautiful remote locations to shoot at but have NOT lived in Dripping Springs in the past few years I did not know that most everything has changed ( roads closed, "no parking" signs and rules about where you can/cannot shoot). Every place I planned to shoot at there was a figurative road block - literal at times too. So we had to improvise which I'm totally cool with as long as the couple is as carefree and cool as these two! They trusted me to figure my shit out and do my job...and followed me while wildly chasing the last bit of light until we found ourselves at a brewery in the country just as the hill country sunset came proudly shining through the trees!

Sessions like this teach myself that I can produce something beautiful no matter what the circumstances are. Honestly, all I need is pretty light and people in love. That's it! Oh, and my camera. That'd be good.