Wild-hearted soulful picture taker


What inspires me...

campfires, sunsets, road trips. vinyl records, the smell of coffee, true friendship, bourbon, babies & mamas, dogs, street food, film photography, small town diners and story tellers.

I love all things terracotta and turquoise!

My life is...

 Micael Marie Monroe, owner/photographic artist

Micael Marie Monroe, owner/photographic artist

pretty much hangin' with my kids, my dog and my girlfriends who make me laugh my ass off.  I love to cook different stuff, swim or hit the gym, diffuse my hippie oils and listen to my podcasts or music really loudly.

How I roll...

I like things to be as relaxed as possible. So ditch the high heels...hell, just ditch the shoes altogether. Come be barefoot, cuddle with your people, love on your sweetheart, run in the sunshine with your babies! I want your photo session to be a highlight of the best things about your life and the people who you have chosen to share it with! It should be a celebration of your lives!