How this whole thing works

A lifestyle session is meant to showcase connection, emotion and the dynamic relationships of you and your family. Having an activity to do together ( cooking, playing in the water, cuddling in the grass etc) is a great way to keep your kids occupied and engaged with you during your session. Be yourself! Let me photograph you loving your favorite people!

All photography sessions include an online digital image file gallery for you to download. All digital files are sized for web use ( 2048 px on the longest side and 72 dpi). If you wish to have any of your images printed, you may do so directly from your proofing gallery. Images are professionally printed and shipped directly to your home. Lustre and Matte paper available.

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 Sessions take place in your home, on-location (outdoors) or at an approved venue.

                                                                                                              In-Home Sessions

Round Rock In-Home Lifestyle Sessions

In-home sessions are gaining popularity for families as well as couples. If you're considering choosing this type of session for your portraits, here are some things to consider; Be sure there is an area of your home where there is ample natural light and minimal clutter. Before any in-home session, I ask my clients to send me a photo of the spaces they'd like to shoot in OR I make a quick visit to your home prior to your appointment to check lighting conditions and offer recommendations for setting the "scene".




Round Rock Lifestyle Photography | Go West Photography

As you can tell I love shooting most of my images outdoors! I love nature and I love incorporating elements of nature into my photos ( wind, flowers, trees, hills etc). When choosing an outdoor session for your portraits, keep in mind that there will be bugs and sometimes critters. My advice to you is wear some slip on boots, spray yourself with a bug repellent or use lavender EO on your skin to keep bug bites to a minimum. All my outdoor sessions are conducted 1 hour prior to dusk to 30 minutes after dusk. Sunblock won't be needed but that is when the bugs are most active. Also remember that it may be very cold out or very hot, depending on the season. During the summer, bring an extra bottle of cool water and during winter, bring a shawl or a blanket to wrap up in between shots. I usually keep a very stocked vehicle for such situations but it's always nice to have your own things if need be.


If you have chosen a specific venue for your session, please remember that you are responsible for getting clearance from the management to have your photo session conducted there and you are responsible for all fees, if applicable. If you're not sure that a venue charges a fee ( for instance, a greenhouse or a wildflower center), please call them prior to be sure. Sometimes they can surprise you!